FAQ's & Testimonials

Stefan Barbieri
Adelaide, South Australia


Q: What Is Musculo-Skeletal Therapy?

A: Musculo-skeletal therapy is the manual or "hands on" treatment of muscles and soft body tissues to reduce pain, stiffness, tension, aches, as well as to increase the mobility of the joints. The intricate system that is the body, formed by our skeleton, muscles, soft tissue, organs, skin, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints, needs to be kept in top condition to function at its best. Sometimes, through injury, poor upkeep, or just day-to-day living our bodies can start to feel pain. Musculoskeletal therapy may help in keeping pain at bay and treating injuries and functional problems.

Q: What happens in a typical session?

A: At your first session Stefan will discuss your health history and any presenting health problems, as well as details of any past accidents or trauma, even if they may seem unrelated to the current problem. This will be followed by a thorough Musculo-Skeletal assessment, where you may need to perform simple movements to allow him to identify any muscle dysfunction and evaluate your body for misalignments or imbalances.

If appropriate, Stefan will then apply the required manual soft tissue treatment based on his assessment. ( This may be one, or a combination of techniques ) An honest opinion as to the nature of the problem and the length of time it may take to manage will also be given. The initial consultation will take approximately 60 minutes.

On your follow up consultation Stefan will normally assess your current condition and compare it with the previous consultation, this will help him design any follow-up treatments that may be needed depending on the results achieved. The follow up visit is normally 30 minutes BUT may be longer if the condition is chronic or long term.

Q: Do I Need A Doctor’s Referral?

A: No! There is no need for a Doctor’s referral to make an appointment, simply call 0411069268 to schedule your Initial appointment.

Q: What Are Your Fees?

A: Initial Consultation ( Allow approx 60 mins ) - $90
Subsequent Standard Consultation ( up to 30 mins ) - $50
Subsequent Extended Consultation( up to 60 mins ) - $80

Please Note:
* Health Fund Rebates are available with most Health Funds (Conditions Apply)

* Concession rates are available for full-time students, health-care card holders and seniors card holders

* Please talk to us if our current fees restrict you from undertaking treatment, we will do our best to accommodate and work with your current financial situation, as our main priority is to get you better.

Q: How often do I need to have treatment?

A: This is not an easy question to answer as every person is different and it will also depend on how long the main cause of your problem has been developing. In general, a recently acquired problem will resolve within 2 or 3 visits. In these acute cases a reduction of symptoms may occur right from the first visit, improving continually during the following week. In other cases the symptoms can actually increase for a few days (often called the reactive period) then subside towards the end of the first week.

Obviously complex and long standing problems will need more time to treat. If you have long-standing postural problems for example, you will notice a slow, but steady improvement over a period of weeks or months, often with the help of a stretching and exercise programme specific to your needs.

Q: Will This Therapy Be Painful?

A: The pressure used varies from light to firm depending on a number of factors such as the person’s build, the state of the tissue being worked on and the person’s degree of sensitivity. Generally the pressure required to facilitate change is minimal and therefore relatively gentle and painless. However for some people who have deep issues in the muscles they may feel some pain owing to the resistance of the knots or lesions being released. In cases like this, Stefan will give you some prior warning as to the nature of the problem and what you are likely to experience. Please Note: Stefan Does not use any spinal manipulation or ‘adjustment’ techniques.

Q: What Should I Wear To My Session?

A: Please wear light comfortable clothes as treatment is generally performed through clothing, without the use of oils or creams, unless Myofascial Cupping Therapy is recommended, where access to the skin and a small amount of gel or oil is required. ( Appropriate draping methods are always used to ensure complete privacy and client comfort )
Other Questions?

Please feel free to email Stefan ( at the "make an enquiry" box at the top of the page) if you would like to know how he may be able to help you with your particular concerns or simply if you would like to ask any specific questions.



I am a 58 year old woman who has lived with chronic back and hip pain for approximately 10 years, as well as very poor movement in my neck. It was impossible to sit for long periods of time and twisting to the right side was unbearable. I was totally exhausted after seeing so many doctors and specialists, receiving cortisone injections and heavy medications to help my pain.

After 2 visits with Stefan he worked out the problem was coming from restricted muscles in the pelvis and along the spine which were limiting my movement. Continuously working hands on he rectified my problem. My spine, neck and right hip are finally pain free with natural movement, it was the best feeling. I can highly recommend Stefan Barbieri

Vanessa. M ( Ridleyton, SA )

I had been struggling with debilitating pain in my right hip for over a year. I had undertaken various treatment including, Physio, Chiropractic, Massage, I was prescribed Anti Inflammatory medication, as well as undergoing a series of cortisone injections. All these provided short term relief or no relief at all, I was told that they couldn’t do much for me & this was as good as it was going to get. Thankfully I was finally referred by a friend from my exercise class to see Stefan after she had experienced incredible relief from her symptoms. After only a few sessions, Stefan’s treatment has given me hope, which I had lost and allowed me to return to everyday duties & exercise without my constant hip pain.

Christine. J ( Greenwith SA )

I have suffered long term sports injuries, which have caused me on-going pain, stiffness and restricted movement
in my hips, glutes and down my leg. Physio provided short term relief but was less effective over time.

I have recently started treatment with Stefan, and have already seen Great Results! He was extremely thorough in his assessment and investigation of my injuries and the impact on my body. The treatment has eased my pain and stiffness significantly, restoring my range of movement and enabling me to exercise without restriction. Importantly, these results were achieved in a relatively short period of time.

I would highly recommend Stefan’s treatment as it can make a real difference to your quality of life by reducing pain, giving back energy and freedom of movement.

Cathy R. Active Sportsperson & Mum ( Athelstone, SA )


I had suffered from neck pain for approx 6 months which was exacerbated by sitting at a computer for long periods of time. I tried Physiotherapy which alleviated the problem for a little while, but activities such as gardening aggravated the injury, I then tried chiropractic treatment but found it helped for short periods but the pain returned again. Stefan was keen to understand the full extent of the injury and took a more wholistic approach, addressing not only the neck, but my middle and lower back areas. His caring approach, gentle guidance and ability to target specific muscles has resulted in a great outcome. The treatment was always undertaken with great care and engagement. I would recommend Stefan and the treatment he offers to anyone who suffers acute or long term pain.

Cate.A C.E.O ( Lyndoch, SA )


I was struggling with on-going shoulder, neck and upper back stiffness & pain for 15-20 years and hip pain for the last 12 years or so, as well as this I had persistent forearm pain for about 3 months. I had seen a chiropractor for my hip pain and was told I had one leg shorter than the other and I would need to wear orthotics. I was taking pain killers for my arm & shoulder pain and having the occasional massage, but nothing was really changing. Stefan assessed my posture and checked my alignment and explained how these pains were being caused by muscle dysfunction. I saw Stefan for about 4-5 visits, during this time my arm, shoulder and neck pain had significantly improved as did my hip pain, I was able to get rid of my orthotics, which I had been wearing for a number of years. I am in really good shape now and only see Stefan occasionally for a tune up. Honestly this guy has worked wonders… I cannot recommend Stefan highly enough!

Pamela. K Environmental Engineer ( Adelaide CBD, SA )


I was getting pain, pins & needles and numbness down my left arm into my fingers, this had been going on for about a month and was getting worse I was unable to sleep at night because of it. My doctor told me I had ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ and that surgery was the only option to really fix it, but there was no way I was going to have surgery. Stefan explained how these symptoms were being caused by nerve entrapment by the muscles in my neck and not by the wrist at all, he resolved my problem for me within 5 visits or so, I now am able to sleep pain free at night. I have recommended Stefan to my family and friends as an alternative to medications or surgery.

Caren.E Business Owner ( Mile End, SA )


I saw Stefan after being recommended by a family member who had experienced significant improvement of her symptoms. I had suffered for 15 years from “Vestibular Neuritis” ( a debilitating condition which had me bed-ridden for up to 3 weeks at a time with severe dizziness and nausea)
After my Initial treatment I was able to stop taking my medication, which I relied on twice daily to control my dizziness. I was truly amazed that my neck muscles were responsible for this problem. I have found I now have more energy and am able to function better and think clearer throughout my working day. I would definitely recommend Stefan, very highly!

Mary. C Teacher/Lecturer ( Hilton, SA )

I came to see Stefan with severe dizziness symptoms, which I had for a couple of months after seeing doctors, physio and chiropractor, which I found made my symptoms worse and were quite invasive with their testing and treatment. The results I experienced with Stefan were practically immediate, his warmth and total focus to patient care are second to none. I continue to recommend Stefan to others who I think would benefit.

Stella. L Interior Designer ( Ridleyton, SA )