Stefan Barbieri MUSCULO-SKELETAL THERAPY - Bowen & Myopractic

Stefan Barbieri
Adelaide, South Australia
Talk to us and see how Bowen Therapy / Myopractic, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Cupping Therapy can help you overcome your BULGING DISK, BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN, HEADACHES, BURSITIS/TENDINITIS...and much more.

Bowen / Myopractic (Advanced Musculo-Skeletal Therapy)


Myopractic is an advanced form of Musculo-Skeletal bodywork. The Myopractic method was developed by Dr. Neil Skilbeck who studied under the late Tom Bowen whose ingenious approach to body work (Bowen Therapy) has spread both within Australia and overseas. Dr. Skilbeck’s experience as a Chiropractor and Osteopath coupled with his observations of Tom Bowen’s work has resulted in the development of Myopractic Therapy. Myopractic integrates together the soft tissues and skeleton to relieve chronic pain. It uses postural assessment as a guide to its treatment plan for clients aiming to restore the body's structural integrity back towards its ideal state. Myopractic works on the principle that "muscles move bones" and that there is always a corresponding muscle dysfunction to any bone misalignment.

NO extreme force or spinal manipulation is used, so any pain is minimised, instead you will feel the practitioner’s fingers and thumbs moving specific muscles and other soft tissues back into their correct position. When the typical Myopractic cross fibre technique is applied a sensory nerve carries its signal to the central nervous system creating a motor nerve response of release at the site of the lesion. You may feel a release taking place immediately, however the full effect of the treatment will take a few days to work and because it is the muscles that are manipulated to re-align the bones, the results are more effective and long lasting.

Benefits Of Myopractic:


    • Uses Advanced assessment techniques to quickly Identify the underlining cause of your complaint


    • Time Efficient Therapy


    • No spinal manipulation ‘adjustments’ are used


    • Non- Invasive for the client


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