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Stefan Barbieri
Adelaide, South Australia
Gentle, Effective and Personalised Musculo-Skeletal Care for people of All Ages. Servicing the Adelaide area, Eastern Adelaide Location.
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Stefan Barbieri - Musculo-Skeletal Therapy is committed to helping you overcome your Pain and limitations as quickly and effectively as possible so you can get back to living life and doing the things you enjoy.

We have over 10 years of Clinical Experience in the treatment and management of Acute and Chronic Pain conditions, but have a special interest in helping people suffering Chronic Pain Conditions, who have tried numerous therapies, treatments, medications and have attained little or no result, or their symptoms have gradually become more severe and long standing over time.

Our Expertise

We Specialise in advanced assessment of the whole body to identify & treat underlying Imbalances & Dysfunction in the Musculo-Skeletal System, which may cause symptoms distant from the presenting complaint. Left Untreated, Dysfunction In the Musculo-Skeletal System may cause or contribute to:

  • Degeneration Of Your Joints And Spine
  • Compression of Nerve & Vascular Structures
  • Loss Of Your Muscular Strength
  • Stress And Compromised Function To Your Organs And Glands </span
  • Increased Load & Stress On The Nervous System.

To effectively address these underlying Imbalances & Dysfunction we use Safe, Non Invasive ‘hands-on’ therapeutic techniques, including, Myopractic/ Bowen Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Cupping Therapy as well as specific exercises and patient education to achieve highly successful outcomes for our patients.

Conditions We Treat

We treat both Acute and Chronic Musculo-Skeletal Conditions, so whether you have longstanding chronic pain, have recently strained your back or neck, feel your body is out of alignment or you're an athlete wanting to perform at your best ....
We may be able to help you!

Below are conditions or symptoms we may be able to help you with ....

  • Constant Muscle Or Joint Stiffness With No Relief
  • Stabbing, Aching, Burning, Or Nagging Muscle Pain
  • Back Pain or Stiffness Sitting, Standing Or Moving
  • Sensation of A Nerve Being 'Pinched' In Your Back, Neck or Shoulders
  • Pain From Overuse Injuries such as, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis or Bursitis
  • Pain or Worsening Of Symptoms After A Fall, Accident or Failed Back Surgery
  • Tingling, Numbness Or Pain In Your Arms, Hands Or Feet 
  • Pain In Your Hip or Buttock Radiating Down Your Leg, or told you have 'Sciatica' or 'Bursitis'
  • Pain That Wakes You Up At Night
  • Difficulty Lifting Anything Above Shoulder Height or told you have 'Frozen Shoulder'
  • Headaches Or Dizziness Symptoms
  • Pelvic, Groin And Testicular Pain

Please Call us today and find out more about how we may be able to help you with your particular concerns! Call...0411069268

Muscle is often ignored or dismissed as a major cause of pain, resulting in many patients being misdiagnosed or undertaking unnecessary surgery and suffering needless on-going symptoms. Remember .... where it hurts is not always where the real problem is!


Fees & Health Rebates

Fees for consultation are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation ( Allow Approx 60 mins ) $90.00
  • Subsequent Standard Consultation ( Approx 30 mins ) $50.00
  • Subsequent Extended Consultation ( Approx 60 mins ) $80.00
  • (Concession rates are available for full-time students, health-care card holders and seniors card holders )

Stefan is registered with most health funds providers, so provided you have the appropriate level of cover, ( extras cover including remedial and/or bowen therapy ) most funds will rebate you a portion of your treatment costs. Please contact your fund to find out which treatments they cover and how much they will rebate. Please Note: Stefan does not Accept third party insurance Claims for WORKCOVER or THE MOTOR ACCIDENT COMMISSION

About Stefan Barbieri

( Dip.Myopractic ) Professional Registered Member S.N.T.R. Inc. Fellow

Stefan has been involved in the Health Industry for over 15 years, commencing his journey as a Fitness Trainer, with a special focus on functional and sports related training. An appetite for knowledge of the human body and a passion for helping people, lead him to further his studies in Manual Therapies.

In 2003 he undertook training as a Myopractor ( Advanced Musculo-Skeletal Therapy ) with The Academy of Integrated Therapies ( formerly the 'Australian College of Myopractic') and has been practicing as a successful therapist since 2006, he has since continued his quest for knowledge by completing further specialised training in advanced treatment techniques to be able to provide his clients with the most effective, up to date treatment approaches available. Stefan is also fluent in Italian as a second language.

Stefan treats a broad range of Musculo-Skeletal conditions, both acute and chronic, by using a unique combination of 'hands on' techniques and has a special interest in treating people with Chronic Back & Neck Pain. He understands that often there is no 'quick fix' to issues that have taken years to manifest, however sometimes a small change in approach and attitude can produce dramatic results.

More Information

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Please Call us today and find out more about how we may be able to help you with your particular concerns! Call...0411069268


( Dip.Myopractic ) Professional Registered Member S.N.T.R. Inc. Fellow

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